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      Xian Huaxin New Energy CO.,LTD
      Address: 15/F,Tower E,Shi Ji Xing Building, No.88 Nan’er Huan Road,Yan Ta District,Xi''an
      Tel: 029-87651262 87651878 88862603 88862609
      Fax: 029-87305280
      Zipcode: 710065  
      Email: xianhuaxinenergy@163.com

      Overall solution of energy recycling

      l、 Technical service
      Energy audits、Level restructuring,Program to develop high-efficiency energy recovery,
      Careful construction and management, overall responsibility for technology.。

      2、 Investment
      The EPC, EMC, BOT, BO, PMC, etc. for project investmentfor project investment

      3、Operation and management
      Training for operations and management, providing 365 × 24-hour remote
      monitoring and diagnosis services online




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